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Published 23.05.2019

Medical Surgical Nursing Exam Questions 3 (50 Items)

100 Item MEDICAL SURGICAL Nursing Examination Correct Answers and Rationales

Suspend the irrigant 45 cm above the stoma C. Infection occurse hours after bone fracture and not immediately. What specific manifestation would nurse Jet see in Acute close angle glaucoma that she would not see in an open angle glaucoma. They should avoid all activities that will lead to sudden IOP increase like bending at the waist.

Walk erect with eyes on horizon C. Cancel Save. He might have a sensory hearing loss in the left ear B. Paralytic Ileus C.

Assessment disclosed: weak rapid pulse, acute weight loss of. Release dopamine and other catecholamine from neurological storage sites. Client will preceive this things as belittling and direspectful. What is his category according rationalse the DOH.

One of the complications of prolonged bed rest is decubitus ulcer. Going out in the sun. Alexandra Hart. Prevent vomiting D!

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Medicao according to almost all foreign books I read, the nurse should not alter his voice. Narcan is the antidote for respiratory depression caused by narcotics like morphine and demerol. Avoid hot weathers to prevent heat strokes B. The client has dementia and is not deaf, it should only be 10 seconds at m.

What is the action of this drug. Get help. What activity is contraindicated immediately after procedure. Straws are not used after ear surgery because sips increases eeviews in the ear.

Turn frequently every 2 hours C. Your response would be [2] A. End stage renal disease C. General C.

Remember that in all cases of emergencies, Diet and Nutrition D. Notify the physician. Ulcerative Colitis D. Food, removing the victim from the scene to a much safer place is a priority.

Pain is present in acute close angle glaucoma because there is a sudden closure or narrowing of the canal of nnursing. Client develops aphasia, will lose all the ability to speak without any manifestation of motor problem. Isoniazid C. Telling the client not to force himself walk is non therapeutic! Blue stoma indicated cyanosis or alteration in perfusion.

Please comment up if you noticed any errors or contradictions to maintain accuracy and precision of the answers as not to mislead the readers. The old woman fell at the railway. Dervid Rushed at the scene. Stay with the person, Encourage her to remain still and Immobilize the leg while While waiting for the ambulance. Leave the person for a few moments to call for help. Reduce the fracture manually.


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    Rojas has a weakness on his right leg due to self immobilization and guarding. Tap water D. Anonymous wqvj7r? Taking Furosemide and Phenytoin.🙍‍♀️

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    This guide is our nursing test bank for NCLEX practice questions with over 3, items from a wide range of nursing topics! Also in this guide is an overview of the NCLEX, understanding what it is and how it is administered is your first step on your way to becoming a registered nurse. NCLEX stands for National Council Licensing Examination , it is a test to determine if the candidate possesses the minimum level of knowledge necessary to perform safe and effective entry-level nursing care. The initial step in the registration process is to submit your application to the state board of nursing in the state in which you intend to obtain licensure. Inquire with your board of nursing regarding the specific registration process as requirements may vary from state to state. 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

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    Aphraxia is the inability to carry out purposeful tasks! Reduce production of Aqueous Humor C. Impairment of dopamine producing cells in the brain. Revieds the ear D.🤞

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    Audiobook: Medical-surgical nursing reviews & rationales / by Hogan Mary Ann.

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    Agnosia is the inability to recognize familiar objects. Letter Reveiws is the measurement for NGT insertion and is unrelated to tracheostomy. Tertiary D. Batumbakal has undergone eye angiography using an Intravenous dye and fluoroscopy.

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