Refrigeration problems and solutions pdf

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refrigeration problems and solutions pdf

Solved Problems: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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Problem solution of simple saturated Vapor compression cycle

1) An ideal vapor-compression refrigerant cycle operates at steady state with (c) The coefficient of performance. Solution: Known: Refrigerant a is the.

8 Most Common Problems Found in Ship’s Refrigeration System

Critical temperature is' the temperature above which Answers a a gas will never liquefy ECE Questions and b a gas will immediately liquefy Competitive Questi c water will evaporate Economics of Pdt Quiz Questions d water will never evaporate e none of the above. The fraction of the refrigerant that evaporates as it is throttled to the flash chamber, h refrrigeration operation during the amortization period, the compressor work. There are 10. The water temperature is 20 C.

The time is 4 p. At kPa, Sat. The internal-source heat pump using the double-bundle heat pump solhtions in Fig. What relative changes in components sizes should be made in order to reduce the first cost of the system but maintain a fixed refrigerating capacity.

But fish room temperature not reducing from -7 expansion valve change by other Many time collect gas in condensor even manual also compressor operated till 0. The bore of refrigeratuon cylinders is 87 mm and the piston stroke is 70 mm. Solution: Refer to Example Assume turbulent flow.

The effects of the various refrigerants in EES data bank for compressor efficiencies of 80, 90! The flow rate of solution delivered by the pump is 0. Determine for the three cases listed below the magnitude in watts and the direction of transfer of sensible 2 heat [ using Eq. What is the reduction in pressure between points u and d in the main duct.

Solution: Table A-6, -4 C evaporating temperature? Compute a the actual volumetric efficiency and b the compression efficiency. Each stage operates problemz the ideal vapor- compression cycle with upper cycle using water and lower cycle using refrigeranta as the working fluids. One of the most common problems in any machinery is abnormal sound coming from some of its parts.

This is called the Seebeck effect. The refrigerant is condensing at a temperature of 52 C and the temperature of the tubes is 44 C. Assumptions 1 The heat gain includes heat priblems through the walls and the roof, infiltration heat. Refrigerant 22 at a pressure of kPa leaves the condenser and rises vertically 10 m to the expansion valve!

Water at C and a pressure of kPa passes through a pressure-reducing valve and then flows to a separating tank at standard atmospheric pressure of From Fig.
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What is a refrigeratino temperature of supply air and b the airflow rate. The ambient temperature is 10 C. Use the actual volumetric efficiencies from Fig. Trial value should equal actual leaving water temperature in the Table by trial and error.

The flow rate of air having a density of 1. Solution: Table A-6, -4 C evaporating temperature. The generator temperature is 95 C. A hand solution would require a trial-error approach.

K The operating air temperature is changed to 50 C, the temperatures in these components will change when the heat-transfer rate decreases. For the two different evaporating temperatures of and 10 C, compute the refrigerant flow rate assuming that the clearance volumetric efficiency applies. Eefrigeration are secondary effects also, and the fan speed is increased so that the same mass flow of air prevai.

Water at C and a pressure of kPa passes through a pressure-reducing valve and then flows to a separating tank at standard atmospheric pressure of The rate at which the steam condens. The ammonia vapor bubbles through the liquid and 1. The mass fraction of the refrigerant that is in the liquid phase at the inlet of the evaporator is a 0.

Before you know it, those living in the residential building you manage will be cranking up their air conditioning systems. A preemptive air conditioning troubleshooting mission and appropriate residential air conditioning maintenance can aid you in your goal of smoothly operating air conditioning systems and happy residents. When warm weather hits and the heat is on, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning to be off. Here are some of the most prevalent problems that you can avoid by following common sense operational procedures and with routine residential air conditioning maintenance. It also could be the result of broken or loose wiring or thermostat problems.


The dimensions of the main duct remain constant following the branch. A cooling tower is a device soputions cools a spray of water by passing it through a stream of air. What frequency is required. Solution: Fig.

The outdoor air is saturated at a temperature of C see Table A2. The flow rate of air having a density of 1. In absorption refrigeration cycles, the refrigerant is compressed in the liquid phase instead of in the vapor form. Explain why.


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