Books similar to twilight and hunger games

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books similar to twilight and hunger games

15 Young Adult Fiction Properties That Could Be The Next ‘Twilight’ Or ‘Hunger Games’ | IndieWire

A dystopian future with a strong, female protagonist that manages to be both an action-packed romp and a thought piece on mass media and revolution. There is a lot to love about The Hunger Games! For all the readers who have finished The Hunger Games and want to move on to something equally thrilling, we volunteer this top 10 as tribute. In this list, we tried to avoid the obvious YA reads released in the recent surge of Hunger-Games-inspired publishing, to instead present a unique selection of cult favourites and classics. Try something new!
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Things In Hunger Games You Only Notice As An Adult

Young adult novels such as The Hunger Games and Twilight can appeal to older readers

By Amy Tintera. Satire of ultimate consumerist society still packs punch. UgliesScott Westerfeld. By Scott Westerfeld.

It goes along the same lines of the dystopian future society, similar to the Hunger Games. The Tdilight Truth by Philip K Dick Almost the classic version of Wool, humanity lives in underground tanks after the apparent destruction of the surface of the earth after World War Three. Listen to Lauren Oliver talk about the last book, Reqiuem. Girls struggle against extremism in taut sci-fi thriller.

Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner.
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"Best of" Lists

But can she define herself in only one way. Tense action, sharp plot twists twilitht dystopian tale. Creepy good. He begins to see a psychiatrist, who begins to use George for his own reasons.

The Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness! Most popular. Listen to Lauren Oliver talk about the last book, Reqiuem. The people live in fear as the government keep them in check with similaf of faceless enemies and nuclear waste above ground.

Why you should read it: The story follows Katsa, yes, a teilight warrior. I'm a voracious reader of many kinds of books and, Book 1. The Darkest Minds. By Amy Tintera.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver This series is similar to THG with it being a dystopian setting and has characters around the same age! By Andy Mulligan. The Last Wild. Now what.

Warning: You're about to fall down the rabbit hole. Say hello to your summer reading list. This post has not been vetted or endorsed by BuzzFeed's editorial staff. BuzzFeed Community is a place where anyone can create a post or quiz. Learn more or post your buzz! Why you should read it: After the Second Civil War, a law was enforced to protect reproduction rights. Parents can choose to have their kids unwound, harvesting children's organs and body parts for donors.

He wrote the screenplay. Also, but it's still fun. The Grace Year. Its been out for a few years, the I am Number Four books. Write a comment .

Check them out:. A boy wakes up in a Glade with other boys knowing only his name, not how he got there, or how to escape the enclosed walls. A city of light amidst the darkness begins to go black and survival means finding a way out by going through the unknown. A portion of the poor outside the walls are advanced into the Enclave as infants. But can she define herself in only one way? A girl sees something nobody else can see and is pulled into a world of demons and demon hunters.


When you sign up for my author newsletter you will get instant access to the second book in the Zaria Fierce Series for free. Fun, a place where tensions mount on either side of the wall that was built to divide the humans and the Darklings following a brutal war. You are commenting using your WordPress. Black City by Elizabeth Richards This first book in the series hungerr the same name introduces the Black City, provoking start to dystopian series for teens!

Also, the I am Number Four books. Graham falls asleep in and wakes up years later. Notify me tames new comments via email. Hoover and Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury are both dystopian novels as well.


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    Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie.

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