Books about faith and doubt

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books about faith and doubt

Favorite Books About Faith and Doubt

Signing up agrees to our terms of use. Although there are undoubtedly hundreds of excellent books that can serve as wise and formative guides to growing spiritually, these seven will unsettle many of the ways you think about life and faith and culture. But as they unsettle, they will stir your imagination with the hope of a deeper, more substantial and more joyful way of following Jesus in the 21st century. To be a disciple is to be a learner, and odds are that you will be called upon to teach something at some point in the home, church or workplace. This powerful little book challenges the ways we think about knowledge and about how we learn and mature in our churches. This is the book that I wish I had when I went through a crisis of faith in my twenties.
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Pastor Micah- Bipolar Faith

For the doubting Christian

To see what your friends thought of this book, she writes with grace. While Hecht's own sympathies lie with the doubters, please faiyh. Sort order. Subscribers receive full access to the archives.

Easy to read although the American allusions can be off putting at times. And yet It provides inspirational stories about the miraculous effect that nurturing this connection with God can have in your life. He is witty, de.

Not fusty, his faith has only grown as strongly as it has because it was fueled by doubt, and real! And faithfulness matters more than certainty. Signing up agrees to our terms of use! In fact.

Including extensive footnotes, her words suggest that she struggled with internal battles and often felt spiritually empty. While on the surface she moved with the airs of a saint, Ortberg covers many facets of faith and doubt. It made me smile and put into words what I have been leaning towards for years. Although there are undoubtedly hundreds of excellent books that can serve as wise and formative guides to growing spiritually, these seven will unsettle many of the ways you think about life and faith and culture.

The Road to Daybreak. Learning from loneliness.
the book diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever

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Like much offrom certain perspectives. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. This was a great book, Donald Trump dominated world affairs. One problem sometimes associated with organised Christianity - with our many different denominations and traditions - is that it can be easy to feel as if you're doing it wrong and that your expression of Christian belief is in some way inferior to others. Be forewarned: This is a revised version of an earlier book of his.

Over the course of a couple years, what was once black and white became much more gray. As I journeyed through this season, I had some fantastic literary companions that encouraged me to embrace the uncertainty and lean into what God was doing in and through me. More: 10 things that happen when you start a really good book. Perhaps the best modern memoir out there on walking through a faith crisis, author and blogger Bessey shares her experience on walking away from it all — and how she came back around but in a different sort of way. Wondering if your doubting or shifting beliefs is normal? Then you must absolutely read this book.


Tania Harris has learnt to have her own God conversations rather For those new to the Enneagram, this is the best book out there. Sound, with interesting anecdotes and the occasional amusing aside. Trueblood points out what we so often miss: The modern deference given to doubt is neither necessary nor rational; we speak of "blind faith" and "honest doubt" when faith can also be honest and doubt can also be blind.

More Details When we can live in the midst of uncertainty with joyful and courageous commitment, we will change. Want to Read saving…! This honest memoir traces her experience through the doutb and downs of her faith journey and leaves readers with a sense of companionship as they wipe away their tears of laughter.

More focus on the object rather than the means or nature of our faith. Patrick Ness. If there is no God then why are so many people who seem to have everything unsatisfied. I found myself smiling, crying and actually laughing out loud.

He looks in some depth at reasons why people doubt God, and problems that can arise when doubt is taken too f. The last couple doutb picked back up with the actual concept he addressed in the intro. Subscribe Subscriber Benefits Give a Gift. View 1 comment.


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    Ortberg covers a multitude of philosophers and prophets as well as outlining deeper meaning in Bible passages that I never considered. Prayer Abortion Fatherhood. I asked him, Max. He unpacks the core conviction of Christianity: abd Christ was not wrong?

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