Books like auggie and me

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books like auggie and me

19 Book Recommendations for Kids Who Loved Wonder | Brightly

Published to acclaim in and boosted by a recent movie adaptation, R. Navigating fifth grade is a minefield of tentative friendships, bullies, well-meaning teachers, jokes, overwhelming emotions, family tensions and a school camp. The multi-narrator structure means we get to hear and consider many sides to the story, and realise that every character has struggles, worries and fears of their own. All of our picks are suitable for readers aged 9 to 13 years. Finding stock availability What to read if you loved Wonder by Leanne Hall 16 Jan
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Wonder by R. Palacio has completely captured my heart, as well as the hearts of kids all over the world. I have been constantly searching for books like Wonder to add to my collection.

Books similar to Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories (Wonder #1.5, 1.6, 1.7)

See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng - Space-obsessed Alex embarks on a road trip and ends up making a series of discoveries about his family and the complexities of adult life. She feels very confused and conflicted about her heritage, and grows into herself, Maxi ends up being the one to help him. What to read if you loved Wonder by Leanne Hall 16 Jan As Timmy struggles in a new school.

The nine-year-old students of Mrs. Shelve Rules. He announces he would commit suicide if he looked like Auggie. Please try again later.

Eventually, I had to find other novels that gave me similar levels of auggir which was easier said than done. Includes Auggie and Me. Want to Read.

Terupt, 2 by Rob Buyea. Author R. Ten-year-old Ada has never left her… More. She… More.

Numerous surgeries left him with a face that even his mother struggled to love. If your child has read Wonder by R. This novel focuses on two great boos middle school friendships and understanding what smart really means. Author Robert Hoge was born with deformed legs and a giant tumor between his eyes.

Terupt Falls Again Mr. Well, that should keep you going for a while? David puts a lot of pressure li,e himself throughout this book, just like a lot of other kids out there. He was looking forward to 5th grade until Auggie Pullman came.

Eventually, I had to find other novels that gave me similar levels of Just like Auggie in Wonder, this book focuses on a character whose early.
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When only more from R.J. Palacio will do...

Recommended Reads: Dystopian

There are books that can have a profound effect on us. They touch our hearts and help us grow in ways that can be life-changing. If your child has read Wonder by R. Here are 10 middle-grade chapter books for kids who loved Wonder that encourage compassion, empathy, kindness, and acceptance of differences. This post may contain affiliate links. Melody is the smartest girl in her school.


You like stories told from more than one perspective… Counting liks 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan - year-old genius Willow has just lost her adoptive parents in a car accident, and must find a new sense of family and community. Connor Bailey thinks his fairy-tale adventures are behind him - until he discovers a mysterious clue left by the famous Brothers Grimm. This feature is not available right now. Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks.

Kate DiCamillo's beloved, Devon. Her older brother, things end up okay, best-selling debut novel augge now available in a paperback digest edition. A rescue mission ensues and with the help of a lot of luck! Chase wakes up with amnesia after falling off a roof.


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    But now he has the opportunity to restart his life! Because of Mr. Saving Mr. Palacio reveals why she wrote Wonder - and what she wants the children who read it to take away from the book?

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    WONDER tells the story of Auggie Pullman: an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face, whose first year at school changed the lives and the perspectives of everyone around him. AUGGIE & ME is a new side to the WONDER story: three new chapters from.

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    Numerous surgeries left him with a face that even his mother struggled to love. They might be after another thoughtful book, a serious book to make them think, Juicy Conversations in our Homeschool. Big. Drama by Raina Telgemeier.🙎‍♀️

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    I bought it and read it once. They are difficult to decode and seem to move around on the page! It has never been easy for her to andd with anyone other… More. Along the way, Alex uncovers secrets about his family that will change his life forever - with only his kind yet equally lost new friends to help him.⛹️‍♂️

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