Book and claim palm oil

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book and claim palm oil

RSPO Supply Chains | RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Today, palm oil has become the first oil crop in the world with 50 million tons produced in Palm oil , used both for food and non-food industries, has a main role in the economic development of palm oil producing countries and in the nourishment of millions of people. However, after a sharp increase of palm oil plantation surface area from the s to the present day as well as pressures on the environment and on local populations, a global reaction from the palm oil production chain and stakeholders was required. Using RSPO certified Palm Oil commits your company to sustainability while maintaining a sufficient supply of palm oil without damaging the living conditions of indigenous communities and the biodiversity of adjacent ecosystems. Seven sectors of the palm oil industry take part in the decision process including producers, processors or traders, manufacturers, retailers, banks and investors, environmental conservation NGOs and social or developmental NGOs.
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RSPO Smallholder Support Fund - Thai

The websites of the various certification schemes provide a good starting point for information on the availability of certified palm oil, palm kernel oil and derivatives and details of possible suppliers. Regular publication of this data enables interested companies to get in touch with potential suppliers and also provides a means of verifying the credibility and integrity of these suppliers, as only the names of authorised sellers are listed. The lists also specify the various trading options via which the products are available.

Can companies in the supply chain claim that they source RSPO NEXT palm oil?

Changing sustainability and ESG scores might lead some institutional investors to adjust their Unilever positions. Inspection Audits. Lobby governments in producer countries to create and enforce legislation requiring legal and sustainable palm oil production. Addresses client needs and meets their expectations regarding commitment to sustainable palm oil products.

Clarisse Loughrey. Oil and Gas. Poverty 2. From tototal tree loss in Indonesian palm oil concessions was equivalent to.

The most widely used vegetable oil there is, palm oil is found in everything from snacks to household cleaners to cosmetics.
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Palm-oil forests certified as sustainable are being destroyed faster than non-certified land, experts have found, in a study they say blows the lid on any claims that the oil can be destruction-free. From to , total tree loss in Indonesian palm oil concessions was equivalent to Both need or needed in the recent past the complete removal of the original tropical forest. Based on forest loss trends, if governments do not act immediately and end acceptance of certification schemes, the world will almost completely lose southeast Asian forests in a few decades, he warned. Forest loss was continuous everywhere where there was a palm oil plantation, even if certified as sustainable.


US Edition. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. US Politics. These supply chain systems are explained in more detail below.

Check the scores. Offshore installations. Consumer Products. Unilever states that 51 percent of its agriculture-based raw materials in were sustainably sourced!


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    Water levels in reservoirs, palm oil producers are able to sell certificates - that includes RSPO NEXT credits - for each tonne of certified palm oil that they have produced but then sold conventionally, like this one in Ge. Through PalmTrace? Join the discussion. Contact us.

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