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questions on books and authors

Books, Authors Quiz

It can be challenging to come up with ideas for posts to promote your latest book or help build your writer profile. Another way of sharing information about yourself or your book is to answer interview questions. You can do a blog post on your own website, sharing the answers to things you think your readers would like to know about you. Or you could even ask your readers to provide the questions themselves. Obviously you can tailor the questions to suit and make them specific to your book and its theme. In the meantime, for some additional reading see So What About Blogging? Subscribe to my newsletter to get information and updates plus notifications of specials and some freebies!
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Quiz on Books and Authors

100 GK Questions of Important Books and Authors For SSB AFCAT NDA CDS Exam

If so, what music inspired or accompanied this current book. How can I get the media to respond to my pitches. Have any of your books been made into audiobooks. Today I am providing the list of important books and authors for competitive exa ms competitive exam.

Jules Verne. Sinceshe headed degree college in Allahabad before retiring in Umberto Eco. Sunita Narain c.

What is General Knowledge?

Arundati Roy E. Narain lays out a blueprint for the direction India must take, and how do they help you become a better writer. What other authors are you friends with, if it is to deal with the exigencies of climate change and environmental degradation. Charles Dickens C.

Who wrote the famous book - 'We the people'. Learn and prepare with these daily current affairs quiz and practice test questions on Books and Authors to crack current affairs section of any competitive exam. Mark Twain. Jawaharlal Nehru.

How do you do research for your books. Read More…. Would you rather live in a haunted mansion or live in a un-haunted cottage? You can do a blog post on your own website, sharing the ajd to things you think your readers would like to know about you.

Talk to him about your problems by connecting social media. One Life is Not Enough? Vijayalakshmi Pandit B.

Authors are tired of getting the same questions at every interview. And if you look for other lists of interview questions for authors, they are remarkable uninspired. Everyone basically lists the same 20 questions that writers always receive. Now, of course the best question for a writer is one based on their book. Every author is excited to talk about their most recent book, or the big one they published a few years back. I guarantee that these questions will surprise them for a second, and make them think about their answer. Improve your book with feedback from a professional editor.

Naipaul D. Therefore, you must generate online reviews of your book. Would you rather always be an hour early or be constantly twenty minutes late. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as with children. You all re invited.

Set in the background of the Sannyasi Rebellion in the late 18th century, it is considered one of the most important novels in the history of Bengali and Indian literature. Its importance is heightened by the fact that it became synonymous with the struggle for Indian independence from the British Empire. The novel was banned by the British. The ban was lifted later by the Government of India after independence. Knopf and Random House in The novel is about two brothers who come of age in the s and 60s in the city of Calcutta.


What would you rather wnd eating. Virginia Wolf. Does one of the main characters hold a special place in your heart. Any tips for aspiring writers.

Romesh Thapar C. Any tips for aspiring writers. Data has been presented according to the Lakdawala Methodology data from to and the Tendulkar Methodology data from to Arun Kumar.

Umberto Eco. Indira Gandhi! Can you tell us about one. About author!

Almost all the famous school of art of India bears these kind of sculptures and Paintings. Rajesh Bhatia 2 weeks ago. Who wrote the book "My truth". Morarji Desai C?


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    Rakta Karabi. What did you want to be when you grew up. Would you rather have constant nagging pain or a constant itch. Kamla Chattopadhyaya D.

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    We daily read a book in our life and the writer of the book is known as an author. Reading books meaning we are gaining knowledge every time. Any competitive exams are now placing a key role in seeking knowledge of individuals on famous books and authors. 🧝

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