Celebration christian bookstore surrey hours

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celebration christian bookstore surrey hours

Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley - The Shepherd's Guide

OC-Travel photo. In a world of changing digital technology, online shopping, and e-books, independent Catholic gift and book stores still manage to be a crucial resource for people of all ages and backgrounds. The stores are cultural destinations in some ways, described as a niche market with a niche product. The store serves a sizable Catholic population in the Fraser Valley, including parish study groups, clergy, lay people, and students from everywhere, including Catholic Pacific College in Langley and Christ the King Seminary in Mission. Local pastors encourage their faithful to stop for a look and to buy local. Due to the specialized nature of titles and other items sold, Christians of all denominations frequent the store. The store takes a special interest in what people are asking for.
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Christian Bookstore - Welcome to our store!

Celebration Christian Store

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