Foxit phantompdf printer not working

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foxit phantompdf printer not working

Top Margin or Auto-Center not working - PDF Forum | Foxit Software

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Published 20.05.2019

How to Add an Adobe PDF Printer

Why Save As Default option in Foxit PhantomPDF Printer dialog box doesn't stay checked

Originally posted by PeteW View Post. I am having a problem with one of my printer drivers. So it's something centric to mine only. AcroReader did not behave that way.

Please reinstall this printing driver or choose other printing drivers" should have been fixed in version 9. Comment Post Cancel. Support indicated they had seen the issue and that their workaround was removing any custom paper sizes in the FoxIt PhantomPDF Printer settings nt this from another program or the Windows Printer settings obviously. I am getting the same message, "The current printing driver is not available.

So the problem in Foxit is that it jumps straight to the default printer and stops there, rather than letting you choose the printer you want first and then failing if the selected printer is bad. Your printers models and their printer drivers. Our Dev team is looking into the problem and I'll update it when the issue been solved. It is an known issue and being analysis by QA team?

It worked before the latest Windows Update. When I tried directly from Windows Explorer - everything just fine. Posts Latest Activity? Page of 1?

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I was able to delete a few of the User Defined sizes that were no longer needed may have been left over from an old printer or uninstalled program! Originally posted by PeteW View Post. Page of 3. The print output with either "Fit to Printer Margins" or "Reduce to Printer Margins" results in the bottom of foxi print output being shifted up from the bottom of the page by exactly 0.

Foxit PhantomPDF won't open new file when printed with PDF printer

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I did manage to get it to try and print but it just hanged on Spooling. Hi all together, I have a problem with printing If not use Print As Image as a last resort. Reinstall seems to have fixed phwntompdf but I'm concerned since I'm about to roll this out to the rest of the company.

PeteW We got users updated that the issue could be fixed by clearing the redundant registry. Filtered by:. We're investigating this issue and will fix it in Foxit Reader 6. BTW, I've also reported this issue "Current printing driver is not available" to Foxit internal bug tracking system for further analysis.


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