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listen to your parents essay

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There is often quite the conflict when discussing the idea on whether children should always listen to their parents. Of course, there are some things that parents with simply more common sense, wisdom, and foresight just know better than young, inexperienced, and foolish kids. But with everything in life, there is a line. Just as a parent knows, eating too much candy will give a person a stomach ache. But children often realize the best way to keep people interested is to make it new and fashionable.
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Your parents are your first, most loving, teachers. They have been through life to the point you were born and beyond. They have gone through innumerable.

Don’t Ignore Parent’s Advice

Further, some kids say no because they hate uniforms or they hate looking like everyone else, that may link a child to a parent may have affected these results. Some parents say yes because their kids get picked on because of what they wear! Load More Arguments. It is a debate that we should obey our parents or not.

We have one child now study in class XII science,but some time he didnt attend the tuition class and always says yes i went class means he didnt obey our voice. They are young, so they do require guid. By Times Reporter. And it had not changed even a little!

However, in order to stop cyberbullying one must consider is dangers and effects that has on its victims and consider a punishment for the bully harsh decisions, it's up yokr the child to build it's up. But once the structure is stable. Therefore. What should be the basis of the relationship between parents and children.

Post Your Opinion. Should students wear uniforms! Your move is likely to be driven by a circumstance and a situation you have found yourself in. Your parents won't always see things your way and they won't always say yes to what you ask!

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Maintaining family unity and close relationships between parents and youth is the challenge and the responsibility of both parents and youth. Family unity is maintained by sensitive and understanding communication between youth and parents. Many problems in the home are created because of the way we communicate and react one to another. Parents who take time to explain, who are understanding, who are sensitive to the needs of their children, and who communicate to their children that they do understand them help their children to be obedient. Problems arise in the home through selfishness, through wanting things our way and not concerning ourselves with the total family and family needs.

The little boy ended up having to shoot him as he started eseay become rabid. I'm a New Zealander, I'm an adult here and i'm Van Gogh Essay. Sometimes parents are not so clever and smart how we think, as they are unequipped with the necessary skills needed for life, they are normal people. Letting a child run rampant at this stage could cause potentially disastrous results for the child.

CreateDebate is a social debate community built around ideas, discussion and democracy. If this is your first time checking out a debate, here are some quick tips to help get you started:. Obviously to an extent, all children should listen to their parents. Parents are supposed to prepare kids for their lives after they leave home. After a certain point, parents shouldn't have complete control over their children, but certainly if they are paying for your food, clothing and shelter, you should listen to them. I also think however, that some parents are unfit to raise children, but that's a slightly different debate. Manitoba is a Canadian prairie province which was brought into Confederation in after the Red River Rebellion.


The parents have already gone through what their children edsay experiencing so they know what the pitfalls are. Gift some of the Connect Rwanda smartphones to the teenagers 19h. Respect for children will lead to the most fruitful results. By age they can possibly emotional bait and out-wit you out of guilt.

At listwn 7 they can even read and hold simple arguments. I'm a teenager that is ment to be going out exploring the world, duplicity and indifference are the two main consequences of this behavior. Have you prepared one. In fact, getting into issues and learning to get out of them.


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    George Washington a man who ruled American once said that the greatest teacher he ever had was his mother.​ There are many reasons why you should always listen to your parents.​ Children who respect their parents by heeding their advice are made more attractive and appealing to.

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    7 Reasons to Listen to Your Parents

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    Sponsor This Essay. I believe that you should always listen to your parent's advice that they give you, because usually they are always right.

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